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Setup Proxy in SUSE/VCSA

To setup proxy manually in VCSA 5.5 login as root and look into the following file:



HTTP_PROXY=”http://<IP address or FQDN>:<port_number>”

HTTPS_PROXY=”http://<IP address or FQDN>:<port_number>”

FTP_PROXY=”http://<IP address or FQDN>:<port_number>”



If you need to authenticate via proxy

Create a file in your home directory,

/root/.curlrc with permissions 644

and contain the following:

# Proxy credentials

proxy-user = “<username>:<password>”

source the file to apply the changes

source /root/.curlrc


Proxy in Ubuntu

There are two ways of configuring proxy in Ubuntu:

1. Using GUI:

  1. click Unity Launcher and type in “Network”.
  2. Select application and navigate to “Network Proxy “tab on the left hand side.
  3. Select “Manual” for “Method” and specify your proxy address.

2. Using /etc/environment file which is responsible for system-wide environment variables that are available to all processes. e.x:


To configure apt-get proxy edit configuration file:
vim /etc/apt/apt-conf
and include the following:
Acquire::http::Proxy "http://fully_qualified_domain_name:port_number"