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how to install a package from a directory

If you have access to the packages directory but your machine is not registered you can use the command to install the package, remember to have dependencies resolved.

$ yum --nogpgcheck localinstall <package_name>.rpm

you can also use:
$ rpm -i <package_name>.rpm


Package Managers

Install package:
rpm -i
Remove package:
rpm -e
Upgrade package:
rpm -U
rpm -q
rpm -qi

Install package:
yum install
Remove package:
yum remove
Upgrade package:
yum update
e.g. yum update 'vi*'
Upgrade entire system:
yum update
List package(s)*:
yum list
yum list
Package info*:
yum info

Repository directory:
Yum configuration file:

To refresh available repos:
$ yum repolist

Clean local yum cache database:
yum clean all

Build cache for enabled repos:
yum makecache

* you can use wildcards