How to burn ISO file using ‘dd’ on USB drive

Using simple dd command we can copy ISO file directly USB drive
# dd if=input_file.ISO of=usb_drive_path

To speed up transfer we can increase block size
# dd bs=8192 if=input_file.ISO of=usb_drive_path

To view progress of the transfer
Method 1 (requires GNU Coreutils 8.24+ – Ubuntu 16.04+ ):
# dd bs=8192 if=input_file.ISO of=usb_drive_path status=progress

Method 2 – using pipe viewer
# dd bs=8192 if=input_file.ISO | pv | ds of=usb_drive_path status=progress

To get time estimation based on a file size
# dd bs=8192 if=input_file.ISO | pv -s 4G| ds of=usb_drive_path status=progress

using ‘watch’


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