Monthly Archives: July 2014

Logitech USB Receiver not detected

While trying to set up my new external monitor, I’ve lost my current settings for Logitech peripherals( mouse, keyboard) via the screen USB ports.

Event after many attempts of direct connection of the USB receivers to the laptop the following errors were shown up:

Logitech Unifying Software cannot detect USB receiver:


Device Manager cannot install the drivers:


If trying to reinstall drivers the operating system cannot find them:


Next step is to check if USB driver is present in Windows folder. Navigate to C:/Windows/INF and look for USB.inf file.

If the file is missing you can download it from here:


Longer vCenter Tasks & Events list

You can set the length of Tasks & Events list between 10 and 1000 records to be displayed in your vSphere Client.
1. Open vSphere Client application and connect to your server.
2. Navigate to Edit on the menu bar.
3. Select Client Settings
4. A new dialog will pop-up, select List tab.
5. Enter a value between 10 and 1000.