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How to connect externally to SharePoint2013 / 401 Unauthorized

Unable to connect externally to SharePoint 2013 server running as virtual machine ?

1. Set your virtual machine’s network adapter into ‘bridged’ mode.

2. Forward the following ports on your router:

    first port
    second port

3.Open ‘Central Administration’ page:


4. Navigate to ‘Configure alternate access mappings’ under ‘System Settings’ menu

5. Select ‘Add Internal URLs’ hyperlink to create a link to your external IP address.

    Specify http protocol and your external IP address in the appropriate box.
    And from drop-down box select ‘Extranet’ zone.
    Once ready click hit ‘Save’ button

6. Next, select ‘Edit Public URLs’ link to map server hostname zone to your external IP address.

    Once ready click hit ‘Save’ button


You now should be able to access your SharePoint 2013 server externally.


SharePoint 2013 single server default user

What is the default user to SharePoint 2013 single server ?

SharePoint service should be started automatically during system boot-up.
Launch your favorite web-browser and navigate to your local SharePoint:
http://host-name:default port
Once you are there you will be presented with the authentication dialog:

Since, SharePoint and SQL are installed on the single machine they use your Windows account(login, password):
Using your Windows credentials log in and proceed to configure your first site.

SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard – Failed to create sample data

While setting up a server with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 my next step was to configure Microsoft Products.
I launched SharePoint 2013 Central Administration app but something went wrong…
The application stopped at step 8 “Creating sample data”:
SharePoint2013server FailedCreateSampleData

To fix the problem navigate to:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Data\Office Server"
And start sharing Analytics folder.

Re-launch the configuration wizard and you should be good to go.