centOS 6.3 screen mirrored upside down

I have a Lenovo W520 laptop(graphic cards:intel and nvidia Quadro200M) with centOS 6.3 on it.

Recently, I have encountered an interesting issue I have updated the operating system using yum update command as a regular user with root privileges.
And after reboot, I logged in as the same user but everything was upside down though the screen wasn’t rotated as you can see on the photo. I couldn’t perform any activity because once I logged in, the system froze thus in order to log out I had to user “ctrl + alt + backspace” combination. I was also trying to revert to an old kernel version as it would be a logic explanation, that maybe the update failed but the issue persisted.
Luckily my root account was untouched and was able to create a new regular user and investigate further without the system reinstall.
However, I was not happy with the whole situation and had opened many threads during the investigation period unfortunately, no help from there either.

On some Saturday evening I decided to reinstall the Nvidia driver because wanted to test if the official drivers allow me to connect an external screen to my laptop.
Then, I found an interesting note saying that I must recompile my driver every time I update a kernel so, I decided to give it a try and hoping to kill two birds with one stone. Here are the steps:

  • download the latest drivers from here http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
  • make sure that your system is up to date by launching the command yum update if neccesary restart the machine
  • install the following packages:
    yum install kernel-devel kernel headers gcc make
  • make sure that you are running the latest kernel uname -r; rpm -q kernel-devel
  • blacklist nouveau by editing menu.lst
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz rdblacklist=nouveau
  • verify that your system does not use the aforementioned driver: /sbin/lsmod | grep nouveau
  • switch to runlevel 3: init 3
  • use the root account to log in and change the drivers to executable mode: chmod +x .run
  • run the driver ./.run and once completed return to level 5 init 5
  • If you can see the login window that is great otherwise carry on with tutorial:

  • use other OS or liveCD to get access to /etc/X11 folder
  • remove this file: xorg.conf and restart the machine
  • This should fix the problem.


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