general shell commands

//search whatis database for strings
apropos keyword

//the same as above
man -k keyword

//displays only the manuals whose names begin with the keyword
apropos ^keyword

//search the exact manual name
man -f keyword

//shows the full path of (shell) commands
which keyword

//to find the alias of a command
which -a

//display environment variables

Viewing File Properties
//to find out more about a file type use
file file_name

Manipulating files and directories
//to create a directory
mkdir dir_name

//to create nested directories(subdirectories)
mkdir -p directory/subdir1/subdir2

//to move files
mv src_file dest_place

//to rename a file
mv file_name new_file_name

//to copy a file
cp src_file dest_place

//to copy directories(recursively)
cp -R src_dir dest_dir

//to remove a file
rm file_name

//to remove an empty directory
rmdir dir_name

//to remove a non-empty directory
rm -r dir_name

//to ask user for confirmation
rm -i file_name

//check an smb.conf configuration file for internal correctness

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