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How to resolve AA00E158 using HMC

One of the LPARs is in ‘Open Firmware’ state.

I opened the vterm and the option list was displayed:

“Open in progress

Version AM710_099
Main Menu
1. Select Language
2. Setup Remote IPL (Initial Program Load)
3. Change SCSI Settings
4. Select Console
5. Select Boot Options

Navigation Keys:
X = eXit System Management Services

Type menu item number and press Enter or select Navigation key:
Open Completed

Service Management System (SMS) was closed and the machine was restarted.
Once brought it back again, it worked.
Possible reason
Power Outage interrupted a normal boot-up of the machine.


AIX commands

lsconf – displays information about LPAR
prtconf – displays information about LPAR
oslevel – to check technology level|
who /var/adm/wtmp – logins history

Display Shutdown Event Tracker on/off

If you cannot turn off shutdown event tracker by modifying record in gpedit.msc
1. Open regedit
-> Policies
-> Microsoft
-> Windows NT
3. You should be able to see “Reliability” key if not create a new one
4. Inside create new “DWORD (32-bit) Value” called “ShutdownReasonOn”, by default its value is ‘0’ which means to not display the window.

Dump Area

Ultra VNC authentication rejected

Receive the above error
as it turned out misspelled the password in Ultra VNC server
changed the password and was able to login using Ultra VNC Viewer