to display methods within an object

to retrieve a listing of all the methods associated with a given object you need to specify:
Get-ChildItem template.ps1 | Get-Member -MemberType Method

TypeName: System.IO.FileInfo

Name MemberType Definition
—- ———- ———-
AppendText Method System.IO.StreamWriter AppendText()
CopyTo Method System.IO.FileInfo CopyTo(string destFileName), System.IO.FileInfo CopyTo(string destFileName, bool…
Create Method System.IO.FileStream Create()
CreateObjRef Method System.Runtime.Remoting.ObjRef CreateObjRef(type requestedType)
CreateText Method System.IO.StreamWriter CreateText()
Decrypt Method System.Void Decrypt()
Delete Method System.Void Delete()
Encrypt Method System.Void Encrypt()
Equals Method bool Equals(System.Object obj)
GetAccessControl Method System.Security.AccessControl.FileSecurity GetAccessControl(), System.Security.AccessControl.FileSe…
GetHashCode Method int GetHashCode()
GetLifetimeService Method System.Object GetLifetimeService()
GetObjectData Method System.Void GetObjectData(System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationInfo info, System.Runtime.Seria…
GetType Method type GetType()
InitializeLifetimeService Method System.Object InitializeLifetimeService()
MoveTo Method System.Void MoveTo(string destFileName)
Open Method System.IO.FileStream Open(System.IO.FileMode mode), System.IO.FileStream Open(System.IO.FileMode mo…
OpenRead Method System.IO.FileStream OpenRead()
OpenText Method System.IO.StreamReader OpenText()
OpenWrite Method System.IO.FileStream OpenWrite()
Refresh Method System.Void Refresh()
Replace Method System.IO.FileInfo Replace(string destinationFileName, string destinationBackupFileName), System.IO…
SetAccessControl Method System.Void SetAccessControl(System.Security.AccessControl.FileSecurity fileSecurity)
ToString Method string ToString()


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