General info

cmdlets are not case sensitive.

$_ is a special variable created and maintained by Windows PowerShell. $_ is automatically assigned the
of the current object in the PowerShell pipeline and, in the case of the Where-Object cmdlet, to reference each object
in a collection. The collection can be composed of every file in the current working directory see example.
Gets the properties and methods of objects.

Get-ChildItem template.ps1 | Get-Member -Name C*

TypeName: System.IO.FileInfo

Name MemberType Definition
—- ———- ———-
CopyTo Method System.IO.FileInfo CopyTo(string destFileName), System.IO.FileInfo CopyTo(string destFileName, bool overwrite)
Create Method System.IO.FileStream Create()
CreateObjRef Method System.Runtime.Remoting.ObjRef CreateObjRef(type requestedType)
CreateText Method System.IO.StreamWriter CreateText()
CreationTime Property System.DateTime CreationTime {get;set;}
CreationTimeUtc Property System.DateTime CreationTimeUtc {get;set;}



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